Orysia Riesen

I'm a wife, mother, and friendly neighborhood graphic/web designer that was bitten by the creative bug at an early age and unable to shake it off as an adult. I paint, draw, write, bake, and overall just enjoy expressing my imagination in whatever form it might take. My art has happily found its way into many homes throughout California and beyond.

It's a tie between the natural world and music as my biggest inspiration. When I paint, it's to the rhythm and voice of whomever I am listening to. I enjoy simplifying the forms of flowers and plants that I find in my garden and along the California coast to their basic, organic shape much in the same way I do when creating a logo for design.

I enjoy vivid colors and high contrast in my art, utilizing both positive and negative space to compose a completed piece. The fluid colors that run throughout my work are intended to provide the feeling of motion and openness. Many pieces imitate water, a favorite subject and element near and dear to me. It is how I tend to view the world--colors continuously flowing and merging into the next color, and so on.

I hope that my work brings the same sense of freedom and joy to you as it does for me when I create them.

On a side note, all of the high-quality giclee made available on my site are produced by Sacramento Giclee. These giclee prints are archival quality and if treated properly, will last a lifetime.