About Orysia Riesen

I have been a creative individual for the entirety of my life.

Doodling and building as a child progressed to drawing, painting, sculpting, and writing through my preteen and teenage years. In college, I focused on exploring and building my graphic design career as it fed both my creative and analytical sides. My studies in Graphic Design showed me how to better understand white space, color and form, Gestalt Theory, understanding a customer, and how to best manipulate the medium I employ. Design work is creative and challenging, with a goal to create something beautiful and meaningful, with a lasting impact on its audience. The same desire that exists within art.

I am a creator first, with my art woven around and through the many facets of my life. If there’s a spare moment, I have a paintbrush or pencil in hand and whatever medium is available. I’m a mother to two spirited young ones who drive me to work at being someone they can emulate and look up to. The support of my family and friends spurns me on to becoming a better artist.

The inspiration for my artwork comes from the inner workings of my spirit as it is given free rein to flow. Themes of water, the inner goddesses of women, Japanese culture, and flowers are woven throughout my work. Composition and an attention to detail are second nature from the design eye I have developed throughout the years.

I’ve had many successful art showings and have completed numerous personal commissions of varying content to the satisfaction of the customer. I hope that my artwork, created from my mind, heart, and hand, will bring the same joy and inspiration that I feel to others.